I never took a before shot, as I was so unhappy with where I was at that I didn't want a photo taken! But now I wish I had.  But I found this image on my husbands computer, a photo of me from 2010.

I never realised how much body fat I was carrying. How could I be so blind? Why did no one tell me? We ate takeaway at least 3 times a week, soft drink everyday, lollies, after dinner snacking, large chip packets each, ice cream, skipped breakfast and would have chocolate for morning tea/breakfast.

Every winter after I had my son was the test to see if I could fit into the jeans of the previous year. Every year I had to buy jeans as they never fit.  Then there was a turning point in my life where I mentally could not continue on this journey and said enough was enough. We sort out the services of a personal trainer, my requirements were that they were tough with me, but not 'biggest looser' tough (this was showing on TV at the time and they scared me!)


I lost most of my 'weight' in the first 12 months of my fitness journey, thanks to my PT Simone, who's home I went to train and sweat and constantly question what I was putting my body through. I also changed my eating habits, smaller portions, takeaway once ever now and then, no after dinner snacking, cut back on the lollies and soft drink.

I then joined a gym and continued to do the same excercises that I knew of before hiring the services of another PT in the gym. Over those three years I trusted my personal trainer to help me achieve my personal goals, both aesthetic and strength. I had a new confidence within myself and a new passion for weight training.